How can I get venture points?

As a FundersClub member, you accumulate points and achievement badges for taking actions that support the well-being and growth of our community. Members with Venture Points are showcased on a leaderboard on our website. Below are the actions we reward and the number of points earned for each instance.

  • +20 - Connect social networks
  • +20 - Refer a company 
  • +20 - Invite a friend 
  • +50 - Invest early via Early Access
  • +75 - Invitation accepted by accredited member 
  • +100 - Invest in a fund 
  • +100 - Rate a company on Panel
  • +300 - Invite an accredited member who makes an investment 
  • +300 - Add value (to portfolio or FundersClub, e.g. via a helpful introduction) 
  • +1,000 - Refer a company that FundersClub accepts and funds 
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