Why is the performance data displayed not current as of today's date?

FundersClub updates financial data reported through My Investments once every 3-4 months. Please note that the performance status of some investments may not change for longer periods of time, and so may not be reflected in the update.

The time lag stems from three primary sources:

  1. The relatively long time frame in the startup asset class between events with a quantifiable financial impact
  2. The difficulty in obtaining timely financial information from private companies
  3. The large effort required to collect, analyze, and report performance estimates

FundersClub continues to innovate in this area, specifically the latter two items above. For many investments, you can still review public news, company blog posts, Twitter posts, and when available, official company business updates on a more frequent cadence. Although FundersClub does not verify any of the information, these can all be accessed via My Investments.

At this time, performance data is unavailable for 3rd Party Funds. These funds are managed by outside partnerships and FundersClub does not have access to the information needed to calculate and report on company performance.