What is Partnerships?

Partnerships is a service from FundersClub that aims to bring the best of venture capital startup investing online and to make it universally accessible to individual and family office investors.

For individual and family office investors, Partnerships allows for online investing in startup funds managed by top venture capitalists, incubators/accelerators, and professional angel investors.

For top VCs, incubators/accelerators, and professional angel investors who qualify, Partnerships allows you to build a turnkey online investor presence and to offer single- and multi-company funds for investment to FundersClub’s marketplace of accredited investors (or to your own private list of investors or LPs). You focus on investing in the best startups, while FundersClub handles everything else using the same technology infrastructure we created and have used for ourselves--fund entity creation and fund formation, accounting and K-1 tax form preparation, bank account creation, state and federal filings, legal docs, wires, and other fund hassles.

You can learn more about Partnerships here: 

To identify FundersClub funds vs. Partnerships funds on the Investments page, you can select to view "All Funds", "FundersClub Funds", or "Partnerships" funds on the top menu of the Investments page and/or identify a FundersClub fund vs. Partnership fund by looking at the top of each fund's tile.