What does FundersClub do?

FundersClub makes it easy for accredited investors to invest in pre-screened, high-promise startup companies. Benefits include:

  • Access. We provide investment access to top startups, typically alongside or ahead of top-tier VC investors. This is possible due to our venture funds, which buy private company stock or convertible debt in one or more target companies.

  • Security & Ease. We provide the first end-to-end online platform for startup investing including screening, payments, and legal document handling.

  • Diversification. With our low per investment minimums, you can make a broader range of investments and create a diversified portfolio.

  • Community. Over 70% of our members are C-level executives, VPs, Directors, and managers; be part of an active, engaged community of leaders.

  • Free. FundersClub does not charge an annual membership fee

  • SEC acknowledged. FundersClub’s investing model was acknowledged by the SEC in March 2013 and we operate as a venture capital advisor. Unlike other online platforms, FundersClub is not a broker-dealer--we are compensated only through profitable investment outcomes, not by taking a commission on all money invested--and does not use any JOBS Act provisions.

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