Once I invest in a fund on FundersClub, what interaction do I get with the founders?

As an investor, there is no ongoing right to interact with company management. Fund investors are not beneficial shareholders of the company, and the fund (not the investor) votes the proxies and has whatever other management rights a shareholder might have. Prior to investment, investors can ask questions via a moderated Q&A forum on each company's page on the FundersClub site that the founders can choose to answer.

After investment, startups and FundersClub may offer a range of ways to keep investors up-to-date and involved. See each startup's profile for details, but examples include: quarterly email update on progress, inclusion on an “insider investor distribution list” to keep investors in the loop on achieving milestones as well as ask for targeted help and advice (e.g., if a startup is looking for a new employee or connection), video message from founders, hand-written card by founding team, invitation to private events with founding team and other investors. In addition, all FundersClub investors and members become part of the FundersClub network that gets special invitations and early access to deals, invitations to private events with FundersClub investors and founders, membership gifts and other benefits.