What are the benefits of raising capital on FundersClub for entrepreneurs?

Excessive time spent fundraising is disruptive to building a successful company as focus shifts from product and users to pitching. FundersClub enables the best entrepreneurs to raise value-added venture capital efficiently from a powerful network.

FundersClub allows entrepreneurs to aggregate capital from up to 95 investors through one fund (only one shareholder on the cap table).

FundersClub also allows entrepreneurs to leverage the powerful FundersClub network by facilitating contact with FundersClub's investors – generally speaking, very experienced, connected, and powerful individuals – for help (e.g., for business introductions and recruiting).

Unlike online fundraising platforms that take a percentage-based commission from startups or that charge startups a large flat fee, FundersClub is a VC investor and does not charge startups money when it invests in them.