How does the FundersClub process work for entrepreneurs?

Although our process is thorough, we seek to preserve founders' time and aim to close funding with less time investment than other options.

Startups are referred to FundersClub through our investor members and our VC and incubator/accelerator network, or directly apply through our web form

FundersClub conducts due diligence and evaluation of a company, both via FundersClub's Investment Committee, comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, angel investors, and VCs, and the FundersClub Panel, an elite group of FundersClub investor members who generally represent the interests of our investor community.

At the conclusion of our due diligence process, FundersClub makes a decision whether to organize an investment fund to invest in the company (fewer than 2% of referred or applying companies are selected)

FundersClub sets up a private fund profile and presents the investment fund opportunity to over 19,000 members over the course of a fundraising campaign.

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