What interaction is expected between the company and FundersClub members?

Entrepreneurs interact with FundersClub, but not with individual FundersClub members. There are no meetings, phone calls, or emails with individual members of FundersClub, avoiding redundancy that affects offline fundraising and other online platforms.

FundersClub members decide to invest based on FundersClub's processes and the information in the online profile. In addition, FundersClub has a moderated Q&A process which aggregates questions from members (there are typically 10-15 common questions across members) and presents them for answering in an efficient manner.

Following the investment, FundersClub mediates quarterly updates for fund investors on company progress, comprised of information FundersClub receives from the company. In these updates, the companies are encouraged to also list ways fund investors can help – e.g., through introductions to potential hires, business partners, customers, etc.