How much of my time does FundersClub take? How long does the process take?

The FundersClub process is designed to be efficient and should take no more than 7 hours total of founders' time. It occurs over a few weeks of calendar time.

From first point of contact to passing the FundersClub Panel typically takes 2-3 weeks of calendar time. This includes a few phone calls with the FundersClub team, filling out an online profile, and providing any necessary materials or references for the due diligence process.

Once our platform selects a company to move forward, we launch the company on the platform and inform all FundersClub members about the opportunity. Funding targets are frequently reached or surpassed within the first 48 hours to a week of fund launch, but we continue listing the fund if additional investment can be accommodated and is desired. At the end of the campaign, we close the fund and transfer capital to the startup.

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