What makes for a good question to founders in Q&A?

When writing a question, try to ensure that:

  • It is specific, easy to understand, and concise
  • It shows knowledge of existing information shared on the profile
  • It can be inquisitory, but is not disrespectful, rude, or combative
  • It is not repetitive with previous questions posted
  • It is grammatically correct
  • It is phrased as a question


Some examples of respectful and constructive questions:

  • There seem to be a lot of potential expansion possibilities - e.g. [possibility x] and [possibility y] - what are your plans, if any, to approach these areas?
  • Why do you feel your product is better-suited to your target market than [x competitor] and [y competitor]?
  • Glad to see that the team is already looking at paid marketing and not relying solely on word-of-mouth/virality for scale. Can you elaborate on the company's approach to marketing budget allocation?
  • Can you give more detail on the use cases of your API applications? What percent of your current monthly revenue comes from your API application?
  • How will you prioritize and select the next geographic markets to enter?
  • What is the current team size? Can you share a breakdown of team by functional area?
  • Is your business seasonal? If so, how do you plan to mitigate seasonality risks?