How does FundersClub select which companies to invest in?

  • Extreme Selectivity and Curation. Fewer than 2% of startups that we review are curated for investment by both an internal Investment Committee and a network-assisted Investment Panel, comprised of experts in venture investing, business, technology, and finance.

  • Valuable, Global Network. Our network of members, startup founders, and our partners refer prospective opportunities to FundersClub from across Silicon Valley and the globe.

  • High Standards. We typically seek tech-enabled startups with strong management, exhibiting early but substantial product-market fit and addressing large multi-billion dollar markets.

  • Strict Due Diligence. The FundersClub Investment Committee, as well as the FundersClub Early Access Panel (a select group of FundersClub members), conducts due diligence and screens potential investment opportunities. Notwithstanding this process, FundersClub does not recommend investments opportunities as being suitable for any specific FundersClub member. There are many risks and merits inherent to investing in any of our listed funds, which you must carefully evaluate with your financial advisors before you invest.

You can learn more about our vetting process here

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