What types of funds are listed on FundersClub?

  • Single-Company funds: Single-company funds target investments in a specific company.

  • Multi-Company funds: Multi-company funds target investments in multiple companies.

  • FundersClub funds vs. and Partnership funds: All Single-Company and Multi-Company funds on FundersClub are either offered by FundersClub or by third party Partnership fund managers. You can read more about criteria for becoming a Partnership managers on FundersClub here, as well as the Code of Conduct here.

    As a FundersClub member, you can select to view "All Funds", "FundersClub Funds", or "Partnerships" funds on the top menu of the Investments page and/or identify a FundersClub fund vs. Partnership fund by looking at the top of each fund's tile on the Investments page. 

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