How do I start investing with FundersClub?

1. Sign Up and verify your accredited investor status

Only accredited investors may invest in opportunities listed on the FundersClub platform. When you sign up to become a member of FundersClub, you will be asked to take a brief survey to verify your accredited status prior to gaining investment access. Accreditation is based on net worth and/or income. Sign up now to verify your accreditation. It only takes a few minutes and is free of charge.


2. Browse available funds

FundersClub offers a variety of vetted investment opportunities which change weekly and which you can review at a glance from the main Browse Investments page. These include multi-company funds (which target investments in multiple startups) and single-company funds (which target investment in a single startup). Fewer than 2% of reviewed startups qualify for investment as FundersClub Partnership deals.


3. Review fund information

Click on any fund profile to review the fund/company information in greater detail.


4. Click invest

FundersClub is an online investing platform. You can easily and securely e-sign docs, pay online, and finalize your investment via the web site by clicking the Invest button.


5. Monitor and analyze your portfolio through My Investments

Once you have completed all steps in the Investment Confirmation Portal, your investment is complete. Your completed investments appear in the My Investments dashboard, which provides you access to a comprehensive, transparent overview of your portfolio. FundersClub is the only online startup investing platform to provide this feature to its members. Stay abreast on everything from your level of diversification to unrealized returns. You can read more about the My Investments feature in our Help Center.