Can I ask the company questions prior to a fund closing or after the fund closing?

Yes, there is a Q&A section on every fund profile where you can submit questions regarding the specific fund prior to its closing. Most entrepreneurs using FundersClub recognize the benefit of having well-informed investors, but also need to manage their time and focus on building their business to succeed. FundersClub manages this balance by encouraging companies to create complete profiles, and by collecting your questions and allowing the company to answer them in aggregate, with answers posted as updates to the deal page. Please note that not all questions can be answered, and some companies may be unable to answer any questions.

After a fund closing, we are able to provide contact information of CEOs when they double opt-in for an introduction. If there’s something you’d like to be helpful on, we actively encourage our community to help support portfolio companies. We’ve seen dozens of examples of members helping portfolio companies and are happy to pass along to companies you have invested in if you’d like to help support them on something.