I am an experienced angel investor. Why should I invest on FundersClub?

Experienced angel investors use FundersClub for a number of reasons:

  1. FundersClub offers curated access to startup investment opportunities that may otherwise be inaccessible to angel investors.

  2. FundersClub allows investors to invest with lower minimum check sizes. The minimum check sizes are 10–20 times smaller than typical angel investments ($3K–$10K typically, vs. $25K–$250K). This provides an easier way to build a diversified portfolio. Read more about Diversification.

  3. FundersClub offers convenient online payments and legal documents

  4. FundersClub offers an easy way to connect with the broader community of startups and angel investors

  5. Active members can by invitation-only participate in the curation of startup companies on FundersClub and see/learn about interesting startups

  6. FundersClub typically makes available follow-on opportunities to double down on winners whenever possible to investors which would normally be out of reach to angel investors.