What is the difference between FundersClub funds and Partnership funds?

FundersClub funds are managed by FundersClub and subject to FundersClub Investment Committee review and FundersClub Panel review prior to being made available for investment on FundersClub. Partnership funds are managed by 3rd parties, not by FundersClub, and are not subject to FundersClub review. While FundersClub does not screen Partnership funds, FundersClub requires Partnership managers to meet and surpass manager requirements (based on investing track record and reputation) to gain access to listing Partnership funds on the FundersClub platform.

You can learn more about Partnerships here: 

To identify FundersClub funds vs. Partnerships funds on the Investments page, you can select to view "All Funds", "FundersClub Funds", or "Partnerships" funds on the top menu of the Investments page and/or identify a FundersClub fund vs. Partnership fund by looking at the top of each fund's tile.