Why is it showing no available funds and when can I expect to see new funds?

There are two reasons why there may not be any available funds shown:

  1. FundersClub has a rigorous vetting process, where less than 2% of the startups we review end up becoming available on our platform. We believe it is important to only offer properly vetted startups to our members. Due to our selectivity as well as the irregular pace of investing in startups, there may be several weeks to multiple months where there are no available funds to invest in on our platform. Learn more about our process.
  2. In special cases, such as follow-on funds, a fund may only be available to members who have made previous investments on our platform, or to other subsets of investors.

While there may be times where no funds are currently available, we are continuously working behind the scenes to vet new startups. Keep an eye out for new fund email notifications, and remember that by becoming an active investor, you open yourself up to more dealflow.